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Request a Quote Here for your Desserts:
Who will set up the dessert?

Please read ALL the bellow information and give as much information as possible.
This will allow a faster service. 

1. Please be ware that we need a few weeks notice, if this is a last minute event we recommend calling us to check availability before submitting a request. 

2. Please list in the comment section the desserts you would like, here is our sample menu. We will calculate the items number based off of your guest count. You may also add your own count of each item if you wish. 
For dessert buffets, with mini desserts, we recommend 2-4 pieces per person. Desserts containing cheeses, fresh fruit, alcohol and intricate work might be subject to an extra fee. 

5. Please be specific on the sizes of the desserts, mini, medium, large. Especially if you want an assortment of sizes.

6. If you have selected "Themed, custom design", please attach pictures or give detailed instruction.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting, we will get back to you with a quote soon.

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